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(Justice Denied is a trade name of The Justice Institute)


About Justice:Denied

Justice:Denied publicizes cases of wrongful conviction, and exposes how and why they occur. Justice:Denied is produced by volunteers located throughout the United States and other countries.

If you want to submit a story of wrongful conviction to Justice:Denied, the guidelines are at, http://justicedenied.org/submita.htm. After reading the guidelines, you can either send a completed story to: jdstory@justicedenied.org, or by regular mail to:

Justice Denied

PO Box 66291

Seattle, WA  98166

Emailers please note: Justice:Denied uses the RTF file format for attachments to maximize compatibility between the different programs and operating systems used by its team of volunteers. If an attachment is sent, please clearly explain the purpose of the email on the subject line and what the attachment is in the body of the email. With the proliferation of intelligent worms and viruses, a suspicious appearing email will likely be deleted without its attachment being opened.

Please Note: Justice:Denied cannot be responsible for, nor does it have any control over the decisions of a prison mail room concerning incoming mail. Once mail from Justice:Denied arrives at a prison mail room, it is under the prison’s control and they can choose to deliver it or not. If you do not receive mail sent from Justice Denied, please submit the appropriate paperwork to the prison staff, and then contact Justice Denied with any information you are able to find out.