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Phantom Spies,

Phantom Justice

How I survived McCarthyism and my prosecution as the rehearsal for the Rosenberg trial

By Miriam Moskowitz

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Michael Meeropol, oldest son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, says about Phantom Spies, Phantom Justice:

In 1950, Miriam Moskowitz and her employer Abraham Brothman were arrested and falsely charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Despite the specific nature of the charge, they were immediately branded by the prosecution as part of an Atom Spy ring.  Miriam’s story about how she became “collateral damage” in the government’s pursuit of real and fake spies is a must reading for all who cherish our constitutional form of government.  Her survival and personal triumph should be celebrated by us all.

Click here to view a video of Miriam Moskowitz being interviewed in 2011 by Danya Abt for GRITtv about the events she writes about in her book.

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